The Pearson Teaching Awards

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About the Trophy

The trophy featured in the photos in our hall of fame was designed by sculptor Glynis Owen.

Glynis’s design, titled ‘The Thinking Man’ was in response to a brief to produce a prestigious award which would represent the teaching profession with dignity. The ‘Plato’ has become an iconic symbol since The Teaching Awards Trust awarded the first trophies twenty years ago.

The ‘Plato’ Trophy


The Gold Plato trophies are made by F Bullett & Co, a foundry established in 1946, and one of a small handful of traditional foundries now left in the home counties..  Originally the company made brass fire tools, now they supply a range of diverse organisations including Number 10 Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and the Royal Palaces.  They are proud to have been awarded the Queen’s  Royal Warrant in 2010.  Each Plato Award is individually cast using traditional methods.